Hi. I'm Mazzy.

And I'm a mum. I am a very creative mum, and I'm on a mission to inspire and empower others. When I became a stay-at-home mum, I discovered my passion for crafting handmade wonders and diving into the world of digital designs and turned my hobby into a small business. I love what I do. I also enjoy cooking and baking, reading, and photography. and creating social media content for small businesses. I am dedicated to helping others unlock their potential and find their creative side. Stay tuned to learn more about my captivating photography endeavors! πŸ“ΈπŸŽ¨ Here I will be sharing my creative ideas on how to stay organised, and sane as a mum or how to tell the world about your talent and passion.


    My mission is to help mums make their lives easier with practical ideas, research-backed insights, and useful hacks. But that's not all—I'm here to support you in turning your unique ideas into successful businesses. Let's start this empowering journey together! πŸ’ͺ🌟 #Mumpreneur #EmpowerMums #CreativeMum #Mumketing


    What I can help you with:

    finding your creative side and potential 

    - making your life easier with useful tips, hacks, websites, etc

    - helping you stay sane as a mum and woman

    - starting your own business online ( creating social media accounts, and pages)

    - creating your brand identity (logo, designs, colours...)

    - photo sessions - for  your business, family, or yourself

    - creating social media content for your business

    - showing you how to use Canva and other online platforms so you can build your business 


    If you need help getting started with your online presence - get in touch. I will be happy to guide you through it.